• Kitchen Knives - choosing and using

    Virtually everything in regards to cooking will require picking up a knife and preparing ingredients in a consistent manner. Learning the basic skills of using a knife to slice and dice ingredients according to the recipe is fundamental skill and should be tackled sooner rather than later. It’s really worth taking a few extra minutes each time you are cooking to get better at this.

  • Seven of the best coffee outlets in Melbourne

    Melbournians are passionate about coffee, and visiting friends regularly comment to me on how many outstanding coffee outlets there are churning out lattes and flat whites. It’s not easy selecting the best coffee in town, but I’ve happily done research to  select the best of the best, downing cup after cup of the good stuff. Here are my picks on a couple of Melbourne’s very best coffee spots.

  • Travel classics - Slowly Down the Ganges

    A book that made a big impression on me in the mid 1980s was Eric Newby's  classic book Slowly Down the Ganges. So much of an impression that India (and this river in particular) went onto my must-visit list.