Travel changes the traveller.

Allan Campion

You never see the world the same way after travelling. I know this to be true for me as I see today through the lens of my life and travels.

Exploring Ireland as a young boy. Migrating to Australia when I was ten years old. Travelling South East Asia by ship from age 18 to 24. Working as a chef in England and Turkey. Travelling extensively in Australia, Egypt, Greece, Europe, India and Nepal. Exploring Japan, Thailand, America, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand and so on…..

 It’s just not possible to be the same person having visited incredible places like Agra, Kathmandu, Luxor, Hiroshima, Manhattan, Galway, Hoi An…. An eclectic list I know, but they came to mind as they all left deep memories for the people, history, food experiences, restaurants, temples, galleries, museums, forests, mountains, shrines, monuments, wineries and beaches I experienced there.

And there are still so many places I’m looking forward to seeing. Malta, Jordan, Chiang Mai and Taiwan all come to mind. And so many places I’d love to get back to including Paris, New York, Dublin, Hong Kong and Kyoto.

Planning is underway to get to all of these destinations (as soon as it's possible). I hope to see you there!