• Stewed rhubarb and apple

    Stewed rhubarb and apple recipe. Choose your favourite apples - Pink Ladies, Fuji or Golden Delicious - peel, slice and cook with rhubarb then add to tarts, cakes and slices,
  • Rhubarb Crumble

    Allan Campion's rhubarb crumble is a great recipe for teenagers to try if they show an interest in cooking, as they are virtually no-fail. A simple process of stewed fruit topped with crumble mix, into the oven and its cooking!

  • Is shopping and cooking with the seasons worthwhile?

    “Shopping with the seasons is one of the keys to great cooking.” Allan Campion
    ...... Or is it? What are the benefits to shopping with the seasons?
  • The Four Seasons of Food

    Following the seasons is something cooks have done by necessity for ever basically. Until that was, we began to send ingredients interstate and overseas. This has been of huge benefit for some growers.But those who turn ingredients into meals know deep down that cooking with the freshest, local, in-seasonal ingredients
  • Shopping and Cooking with the Seasons - Winter

    Winter makes so many great ingredients available for those who love to cook. Choosing in-season ingredients means you are choosing fruit and vegetables that are packed with flavour, ripeness, sweetness, are widely available and affordable. It’s a win-win!