• Travel changes the traveller.

    You never see the world the same way after travelling. I know this to be true for me as I see today through the lens of my life and travels.  And there are still so many places I’m looking forward to seeing. Malta, Jordan, Chiang Mai and Taiwan all come to mind. And so many places I’d love to get back to including Paris, New York, Dublin, Hong Kong and Kyoto. Planning is underway to get to all of these destinations (as soon as it's possible). I hope to see you there!
  • Five of the best Melbourne rooftop bars

    Melbourne’s rooftop bars are definitely an aspect of the cities hospitality scene that have made the city the food destination it is. This is a personal list of places I know well and can highly recommend. 

  • Melbourne Outdoor Dining - 2021

    A new strategy has been devised (based on New York’s Open Restaurants plan) which will see inner city laneways handed over to outdoor dining. The strategy for Melbourne will see a mix of footpath dining and repurposing street car parking through to complete takeovers of city laneways and dining in parks
  • Seven of the best coffee outlets in Melbourne

    Melbournians are passionate about coffee, and visiting friends regularly comment to me on how many outstanding coffee outlets there are churning out lattes and flat whites. It’s not easy selecting the best coffee in town, but I’ve happily done research to  select the best of the best, downing cup after cup of the good stuff. Here are my picks on a couple of Melbourne’s very best coffee spots.

  • Travel classics - Slowly Down the Ganges

    A book that made a big impression on me in the mid 1980s was Eric Newby's  classic book Slowly Down the Ganges. So much of an impression that India (and this river in particular) went onto my must-visit list.