Learning to design for POD

Allan Campion Red Bubble StoreWhen I made the decision to transform my business in 2020 from tourism and events to Seasonal Food + Cooking I set myself three main ways to pursue this.

1) Share knowledge

2) Design innovative Products

3) Write for people who love seasonal food and cooking

Number 1 and number 3 were fairly straightforward as I had done this previously via writing newspaper and magazine articles, cookbooks and food guides as well as cooking classes where I can share knowledge directly.

Number 2 was trickier as I had never designed a product in my life. I had worked alongside very talented designers as we worked on cookbooks, but that was about it.

As you can imagine there has been a significant learning curve (in fact two of them) these past few months, but I can say I have 100% loved learning about designing products and learning all I can.

The initial learning curve been designing notebooks and journals, kitchen aprons, mugs and travel cups, phone cases, place mats, shopping tote bags, posters and greeting cards. These designs celebrate food, seasonal produce and cooking, there are products with easy to use seasonal lists included do this information is always on hand. I also aim to make them beautiful and something customers will love owning for many years.

Then its learning about print on demand (usually knows an POD), these are providers who take each order as it comes in, prints the produce and ships it to the customer. There's a lot to learn as its a relatively new way to do business where the designer is hands-off and others print and deliver the product. So far I've launched one POD store with a company called Red Bubble and there are stores with other POD providers to follow over the next few weeks.

It's quite amazing what you can achieve in just a few months of focused learning and there are so many more products to come including print on demand seasonal food and cooking books and digital products.

I've also been amazed that I now have new knowledge in the world of designing for POD, and so in keeping with my aim to share knowledge do get in touch if you are looking into this and I'll do my best to pass on what I've learned to date.