Kitchen Knives - choosing and using

Virtually everything in regards to cooking will require picking up a knife and preparing ingredients in a consistent manner. By a consistent manner I mean slicing and dicing onions, carrots, celery, capsicums, mushrooms, potato and meats to a particular way according to the recipe you are making.

Stir fries for example typically require ingredients to be cut into thin strips, casseroles are perfect with a chunky style dice, while risotto needs finely diced ingredients.

Learning the basic skills of using a knife to slice and dice ingredients according to the recipe is fundamental skill and should be tackled sooner rather than later. It’s really worth taking a few extra minutes each time you are cooking to get better at this.

This will ensure the ingredients are suitable for the recipe and will be cooked at the same time. Cut the ingredients correctly and you will be on your way to cooking great food.

It’s important to remember you are not trying to be a professional chef and you don’t need to use a knife like a professional does. You are a kitchen beginner. Speed is not essential.

Knife recommendation

In regards to recommending a knife brand Wusthof is highly regarded by professional cooks and have been made for over 200 years in Solingen, Germany.  

It takes forty steps to turn a piece of steel – a special mixture of chrome, vanadium, molybdenum and stainless steel – into a quality knife. 

Their three piece cook’s set is a brilliant trio of knives to get you started in the kitchen. Check out the Wusthof set online at Amazon. These knives will be with you for years and years!

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