• Rhubarb Crumble

    Allan Campion's rhubarb crumble is a great recipe for teenagers to try if they show an interest in cooking, as they are virtually no-fail. A simple process of stewed fruit topped with crumble mix, into the oven and its cooking!

  • Learning to design for POD

    What happens when you dive into learning new skills? Can you actually launch a new brand as a print on demand store?
  • Chicken stock

    Allan Campion's favourite chicken stock recipe. Chicken stock is excellent to have on hand for many uses from soup to risotto. Gravy, casseroles and curries also benefit from the addition of good quality stock.
  • Home dried herbs

    One of the great aspects of seasonal food is preserving what’s abundant for future use. Obviously this can mean buying what’s in season to create pickles, jams, sauces or preserves. Making dried herbs at home is really quite simple and makes great use of excess seasonal ingredients. Super easy and you get to keep flavour for future use.
  • Asian-inspired pumpkin soup

    This Asian-inspired pumpkin soup is a long time favourite of mine. Variations on this soup recipe has appeared in many of my cookbooks and early editions of the Seasonal Produce Diary in the mid 1990's.
  • Is shopping and cooking with the seasons worthwhile?

    “Shopping with the seasons is one of the keys to great cooking.” Allan Campion
    ...... Or is it? What are the benefits to shopping with the seasons?
  • Orange and almond cake

    This orange and almond cake is a classic recipe I first came across in The New Book of Middle Eastern Food by Claudia Rodin. Over the years I have tweaked the recipe a little, and have included it in numerous cookbooks and recipe articles.
  • Pastry tips and tricks to success

    Making pastry is one of those steadfast cooking methods that never changes; it’s been made one way for generations, and probably will be so for generations to come. So why not learn it and pass it on?

  • Shortcrust Pastry

    If you have never made pastry, or it's been ages since you've rubbed butter and flour together, give this recipe a shot and you'll have a delicious pastry for a tart. Nothing compares to handmade shortcrust pastry, one bite and you will be a convert!

  • Quiche Lorraine

    I recently decided to make a quiche lorraine (and the shortcrust pastry for the shell) from scratch. I'll admit it had been a while since making both but the time spent on these tasks reminded me how worthwhile this is.
  • The Four Seasons of Food

    Following the seasons is something cooks have done by necessity for ever basically. Until that was, we began to send ingredients interstate and overseas. This has been of huge benefit for some growers.But those who turn ingredients into meals know deep down that cooking with the freshest, local, in-seasonal ingredients
  • Travel changes the traveller.

    You never see the world the same way after travelling. I know this to be true for me as I see today through the lens of my life and travels.  And there are still so many places I’m looking forward to seeing. Malta, Jordan, Chiang Mai and Taiwan all come to mind. And so many places I’d love to get back to including Paris, New York, Dublin, Hong Kong and Kyoto. Planning is underway to get to all of these destinations (as soon as it's possible). I hope to see you there!